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LESJ’s Goal

LESJ aims to provide professional assistance to English-speaking residents in Japan who face the language and cultural barrier in the complex Japanese business world.

What Is LESJ?

Founded in 2010 by Kumiko Tanaka, LESJ (Legal English Services in Japan) is a Certified Administrative Procedures Specialist office and is specialized in providing services of document preparation in English and Japanese for: government approvals, real estate transactions, generic business correspondence, and legal purposes. A Certified Administrative Procedures Specialist is a legal profession under the Certified Administrative Procedures Specialist Act in Japan and is also known as an Administrative Scrivener or Gyoseishoshi Lawyer.

What Do Certified Administrative Procedures Specialists Do?

The primary occupation of Certified Administrative Procedures Specialists is "to prepare filings to government agencies, and other documents related to rights, liabilities and evidence of facts, for compensation at the request of others." Certified administrative procedures specialists have a monopoly on this practice under Japanese law. Certified Administrative Procedures Specialists may also give advice on the preparation of such documents, one of the few exceptions to the attorney-at-law's monopoly on giving "legal advice" for compensation.
(Courtesy of Wikipedia “Administrative scrivener”)

What Can LESJ Do for You?

LESJ’s services include: consultation and assistance for obtaining visas and business permits, translation or drafting of legal or corporate documents, and bilingual administration service for business transactions including purchase or lease of real estate properties in Japan.
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Office Details

Address: 194-1 Kamicho, Kofu, Yamanashi, 400-0831, Japan
Tel: +81-(0)55-288-0487 Fax: +81-(0)55-288-0488

URL: www.lesj.biz
Business Hours: 10:00-17:00 (Closed on Tuesdays, Sundays and National Holidays)
Consultation: Please make an appointment in advance via phone or e-mail.

Statement Based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

LESJ is a registered trademark of Legal English Services in Japan (LESJ), a Certified Administrative Procedures Specialist office, for its services of legal document preparation in English and Japanese.

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