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"Will make the difficult simple for you."

Life is frustrating everywhere. But life in Japan for non-Japanese residents is so frustrating that most of them, who have lived here long enough, have more than a few stories of their frustrating experiences that really challenged their maximum level of patience.

We Japanese are known for our politeness. We live in the concept of "silence is virtue" and are hesitant to ask questions unless they are absolutely necessary. We easily take "no" for an answer without asking why. We don't enjoy openly discussing our opinions with others and can be very stubborn against new ideas just because they are "new" to us.

And these Japanese characteristics are often the reasons for the frustrating situations for non-Japanese residents, especially for those with Western minds.

I have worked with many non-Japanese long-term residents in Japan, who have given me deep insights into common problems they have encountered through their life in Japan. In many cases, what upset them most was not the fact that they had to unwillingly go along with how things were done here, but the fact that 1) there was no one around them that could help them understand why things had to be certain ways and that 2) they were not given any opportunities to negotiate for other options.

This is why I started my business to help English-speaking residents in Japan. I have always been appreciated by the non-Japanese professionals I work with, for my skills in explaining the difficult as simply as possible and for my dedicated efforts in helping them going through tough negotiations with Japanese companies. It was quite natural for me to develop a passion for doing this professionally to reach and provide support for a wider network of people.

I take the utmost care in providing personalized services to my clients. I try my best to make the "difficult" simple for you.

If you need professional support or assistance in communicating with Japanese people or for preparing documents in Japanese, contact LESJ now.

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