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Have you ever:

  • Received a notice in Japanese which looks important but you have no idea what it says?
  • Queued up for long hours at the immigration for visa application?
  • Given up starting a business in Japan because of high cost of labor or the language barrier?
  • Had difficulty obtaining permits or licenses for your business?
  • Had trouble communicating in English with Japanese government workers?
  • Been appalled by the amount on your bill from your legal counsel?
  • Decided not to lease or purchase real estate properties in Japan for lack of communication support in English?
  • Had a translator or a bilingual admin staff you felt you wasted your money on hiring?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above, let LESJ help you make your life easier.


LESJ is not just a translation company. Its founder, Kumiko Tanaka, is a Certified Administrative Procedures Specialist (Gyoseishoshi Lawyer), an affordable alternative to attorney-at-law for incorporating business entities and obtaining government approvals for visas and business licenses. LESJ can help you not only in communication with the Japanese but also in preparation and drafting of documents in Japanese. Her professionalism and personalized care to her clients make LESJ so unique and special. Closely working with her network of professionals, Kumiko provides services that are developed through her longtime hands-on experience in a bilingual work environment and her in-depth knowledge and experience in the skills of legal translation and real estate asset management, the combination of which is very rare to find in the market.

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