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Visas and Business Permits

  • Rates in the schedule below are per application, per person (volume discounts available).
  • Additional expenses for revenue stamps and other costs as may be instructed by the associated authorities will incur for each application.

(JPY/ Tax Inclusive)

To Live in Japan
Obtaining Certificate of Eligibility
(for inviting someone from overseas on a long-term basis of more than 90 days)
Changing Status of Residence
(for changing occupation, i.e., engaging in the activities that are under a different category by immigration standards or applying for a visa based on personal status)
Extending Authorized Period of Stay
(for a simple renewal application)
Extending Authorized Period of Stay
(for a complex application in case of major changes regarding applicants after the previous approval, e.g., change of occupation, marriage, and such )
Obtaining Permanent Residence Status
(An additional charge of 31,500 yen will be applied per family member)

As per advisement by the Immigration Bureau, professionals handling immigration matters are to meet our prospective clients in person for a better consultation and for personal identification purposes.

LESJ’s visa consultation services are provided in collaboration with our trusted partner, Gyoseishoshi Lawyer’s Office ACROSEED, one of the largest immigration offices in Japan.

Since its establishment in 1986, ACROSEED has handled more than 10,000 applications and has a proven track record in obtaining visas for foreign nationals and in assisting foreign entrepreneurs to start business in Japan.

If you live in the greater Tokyo area, please contact them directly online (http://english.visajapan.jp/sodan.html) or ask LESJ to set up an appointment for you.

To Start Business in Japan
Incorporating a business entity
Fees to LESJ and associated professionals

Services include:
- Communication support in English
- Notification to associated local offices
- Mailing and transportation expenses
- A set of three corporate seals made of tsuge wood.
*Translation of associated documents is not included.
*It takes a minimum of 25 business days for incorporation at this price. Additional charge of 50,000 yen will be applied for incorporation within 7-24 business days.
Registration costs <in case of Kabushiki Kaisha (k.k.)> as of July 2011
Revenue Stamps for Articles of Incorporation ("AI") (N/A due to registration in PDF format)
AI Registration Charges 52,000
Registration License Tax
(150,000 yen or 7 thousandths of paid-in capital, whichever is higher)
Total 202,000
Fees and Costs Total 350,000
Acquiring business permits and licenses
(Fees vary depending on the type of permits and the time required for preparation of documents for application; please contact LESJ for a quote.)
100,000 -

Payment Terms
How to Order

Bilingual Admin Services

Pay As You Go JPY 4,000 / hour
Welcome Back Rates
For repeat users and referred customers
JPY 3,500 / hour
Purchase Credits
Available for a purchase of 2 hrs or more, credits valid for 1 year, recommended for on-going projects
JPY 3,000 / hour

(Minimum charge: 4,000 yen, Billing unit: 30 minutes)

Payment Terms
How to Order


  • English into Japanese: JPY10 – 15 per word
  • Japanese into English: JPY20 – 25 per character
  • PowerPoint presentation: JPY10,000 per page
  • On-site interpretation for a meeting: JPY30,000

PRICE VARIES depending on type of documents (i.e., higher price will be applied on legal documents compared to generic business documents). Quoted amounts will be based on the number of words taken from the Word Count function of MS Word.

The translation service REQUIRES A MINIMUM OF THREE BUSINESS DAYS before completion and is most suitable for SHORT DOCUMENTS (2 pages maximum for Japanese to English, and 5 pages maximum for English to Japanese). A page means a document in A4 size that contains about 500 words or 1,000 characters in Japanese.

VOLUME DISCOUNT will be applied for a translation of 10 pages or more if the number of days between the order date and the agreed delivery date is larger than the number of pages of the original material for translation (e.g., translation of a 10-page document that is due after 14 days).

Files sent in PDF or other formats which do not retain the original layout in softcopy are subject to ADDITIONAL CHARGES FOR RE-CREATING the data and/or layout.

TRAVEL COSTS of 10,000 yen will be charged for on-site interpretations to be performed in Tokyo.

Payment Terms
How to Order

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