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Payment Terms

How to pay

Please pay via PayPal.

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When to pay

Payment in advance (in full) for:

  • Visa Services
  • Bilingual Admin Services
  • Translation Services

10% retainer and the balance payment for: Business Permit services (you will be notified of the time of the balance payment after work is commenced)

How to order: From getting a quote to getting the job done

  1. E-mail LESJ for a quote (please specify deadline for the work if any).
  2. LESJ sends you a quote via e-mail specifying estimated completion date.
  3. Reply to LESJ to place an order.
  4. LESJ sends you an invoice via PayPal (if you prefer wire transfer, please follow the payment instructions in the invoicing e-mail).
  5. Pay LESJ.
  6. LESJ sends you confirmation of receipt as soon as the funds are received and contacts you when the work is completed.

Also See Important Notice

Ask for a quote by sending e-mail to

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